Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A few things...

I'm completely done with interviewing and have picked my jobs out for the summer! Yay!! That's a big freaking stress relief. I kept going back and forth, and I finally just decided, and it feels SO good! I'll be spending the entire summer in Dallas, and I know it will be so hard to be away from Micah for so long (he has to stay in Houston for summer school), but I think it's the best decision for my career. So I went for it. No clue where I'll be staying yet. But I'll figure something out, I'm sure.

So there's that. Let's see what else? Well my cake lady is apparently out of business and ran off with my deposit. So I have to find another baker. Which sucks. But it's still better than it could be. At least they went out of business now and not a week before the wedding. AND, I had thought of some differences I wanted to make to the design of the cake, and now I can! Silver lining!

School is going ok. I'm (of course) super busy with everything, but it feels like it's slowing down a bit. Which is nice, because I need to start gearing up for finals. The pressure is kind of off, because I already have jobs for next summer, and they're not going to care whether my grades stay exactly the same (as long as they don't drop drastically). But it's kind of a pride thing. I just want to do well. So I'm hoping all of these other distractions don't kill my GPA. Anyway... enough of that.

I'm getting married in less than two months. SERIOUSLY! Everyone should be getting their invitations in the mail soon. I just can't believe it's coming so quickly. I'm SO ready to be married. I mean, the wedding is great and all that, and it'll be fun to be the princess for a day, but I just want to be Mrs. Micah Hargrave already. When I can sign things "Ryan Hargrave" and it be for real (not like when I wrote it on the back of all my notebooks in middle school and high school) it will probably be the best feeling ever. He's my dream. :) If he's all I get in life, I'll feel like I have been richly blessed.

One other thing. I'm worried about my aunt. She's having some health problems, so if you think about it, say a prayer for my Aunt Gem.

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