Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So I certainly did NOT vote for Obama. I voted for McCain in some person's garage yesterday morning. Literally. The listing online said "residence garage," and I assumed it was a parking garage or something (which still would have been weird). But I drove up and there were definitely electronic polling booths set up in this guy's garage in this shady-McShaderson neighborhood. Anyway... I digress.

So I was certainly disappointed last night when Fox called the election for Obama. But it's not like I didn't know it was coming. I had been bracing myself for the moment. But I have to be completely honest. Listening to his speech actually brought tears to my eyes. I don't know why, but I was just completely moved by the fact that our country could rise above over two centuries of racism and elect a black President. I need to reiterate... I do NOT do NOT do NOT support Obama's policies or politics ONE iota. I find the idea of partial-birth abortion disgusting, I do NOT support his idea of over-taxing people who go to school, work hard and make lots of money, and I am fearful other countries will see his lack of emphasis on the military as an opportunity to strike.

BUT, having said all of that. Everyone who knows me knows that I am one hundred percent against racism of any kind. It's the most ignorant thing I can think of, and I just cannot and will not tolerate it. And to see our country embrace a black man... a smart, charismatic, patriotic black man who loves his wife and children... I cannot help but be thankful for that.

I suppose another distinctive feature of my personality is that I'm ALL about the silver lining and finding some way to be positive... especially when it comes to things I cannot change. And I'm sure this is me trying to find a way to be happy about the outcome of the election. But for anyone who's really struggling with the outcome of the election, this is just something to think about. This and the fact that he has already been elected. Nothing productive can come from sitting and whining about it. :)

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