Saturday, December 6, 2008

Procrastinating much?

Instead of studying for finals today (well I studied a LITTLE), Micah and I went grocery shopping and started putting up some of our wedding gifts.
And our kitchen table STILL looks like this.

I think you're technically supposed to wait to start using your things... in case something "happens" before the wedding. Whatever. Sorry guys... you aren't getting your gifts back if Micah leaves me at the altar. :)

Right now I'm watching my perfect fiance kicking butt at the Wii. We just bought it a few weeks ago, and he's a master already. It's ridiculous. And he doesn't even play it that much. But look how cute he is. :)

Three weeks until the wedding!!! Can you even believe it? It feels like yesterday he proposed. SPEAKING of proposals!! My wonderful friend Candice is ENGAGED! SO amazing, and I'm SO happy for her.

Alright. Back to learning patent law. :)

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