Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back to school...

So I had a 60-page paper due on Tuesday, and I just barely got it done. And it was EXACTLY sixty pages. I made no guarantee that it wasn't total crap, though, so I sure do hope they aren't expecting anything brilliant.

And I started classes on Monday. I thought most of them would be very interesting classes, but they're shaping up to be pretty horrendous. Oh well. My Professional Responsibility course will be awesome because I love the professor, and that'll have to be enough.

Also, this semester should be MUCH less busy than last. I am doing a moot court competition in March in Buffalo, New York, which will take a LOT of preparation. But it'll be fun, too. :) Other than that, I don't think I'll have too much going on. So maybe I can actually study this semester. Actually, though, after the semester from hell in the fall, where I had a LUDICROUS school schedule PLUS planning the wedding, my grades were EXACTLY the same as first year!! So apparently not studying paid off! Maybe that'll work for me again this semester. Somehow, though, I don't think I'll be so lucky. :)

And I STILL can't get over the fact that, in a year and a half, I'll be studying for the bar, getting ready to start a real job. I have been in school for so long, I can't imagine having a non-student schedule. Its nice getting home at 3:00 (granted I am supposed to be studying when I get home). Guess I'll finally know what's it's like living in the real world!!

And can I just say how AWESOME it is being married??!! Micah and I are still a little giddy (well mostly I am giddy). Micah asked me when I was going to go get my name changed. I told him I thought I'd go tomorrow, and he got a big smile. I love my new name, and he loves that I love my new name. And I'm just so content. Like I KNOW that I was put on this earth to be his companion and soul mate, and I'm so freaking happy I get forever with him. :)

Okay... I'm feeling pretty crappy, and I have Sense and Sensibility on pause. :)

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