Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just a silly thing...

Do you have something that just kind of drives you crazy? Like, you know it's completely dumb, but you can't help yourself for wanting to pull your hair out when it happens?

So, here's the thing. I cannot STAND a limp handshake. I mean, you don't have to break my hand or anything, but women who just place their tiny, apparently breakable hand in mine and expect me to be ok with them placing it there, not allowing me to actually shake it, drive me a little freaking nuts.

This woman at church is the prime culprit. She's a tiny little lady, so I get that she's not all John Wayne and ripping my arm off when the pastor asks us to go around and shake hands, but seriously.... I'm scared to touch her little hand because I think I might break her!

Anyway... I told you it was dumb. I just had to vent. The end.

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