Monday, January 5, 2009

We walked down the aisle...

I'm MARRIED!! I can't even tell you how wonderful it feels to say that. I'm a WIFE! And I love my HUSBAND! Micah introduced me to someone as his wife while we were on our honeymoon and I thought I might die of happiness.

So the wedding went pretty wonderfully. There were a billion tiny complications, and a few kind of big ones, but we made it down the aisle to say our vows and that's what matters. :) Apparently my cake lady didn't finish decorating my cake until 15 minutes before the first guest arrived at the reception. No one told me this until after I got back from the honeymoon. And the breaker at the church went out, so there were no lights in the front of the church, so we had to string Christmas lights up, which ended up looking kind of pretty anyway. And I took longer getting ready than I planned, so I made us a little behind schedule (which was so weird because I'm ALWAYS on time). I forgot my something old, so it was a good thing my sweet Candice let me borrow her gorgeous ring from her grandma. And at the reception I cut the wrong layer of the cake in my excitement/nervousness/anxiousness to get out of there.

BUT, the ceremony was so perfect. Walking down the aisle and seeing Micah's face... I can't describe what I felt. I had to keep looking down to keep the tears from overtaking me. I was just SOO happy. Micah got a little choked up saying his vows, so then I got a little choked up saying mine, so then the minister, Micah's grandpa, got a little choked up too! But making that commitment was the most amazing part of the whole night, as it should be. :)

The reception was over in a flash! I think by the end I was just SOOO exhausted from the stress of the day, that I was beginning to feel a little claustrophobic. My perfect friend Amanda just said, "Are you ready to get out of here?" and I realized I was. We got in the truck and drove off, and I think that moment, Micah and I sitting in the truck, looking at eachother, it really hit us that we were married. It was an amazing feeling. And thank goodness someone packed us a goody bag full of food. We ate NOTHING at the recpeption, and we were starving. We ate every darn thing in that bag!! And the food, if I can say so myself, was really really good.

We stayed at Hotel ZaZa on the wedding night. That hotel is so gorgeous and romantic. Everything about it is romantic to me. Our room was awesome.

Pretty, right? And the rose petals and candles are courtesy of my sister-in-law and brother. It was so sweet. Anyway... I'll just say this: it was totally and completely worth the wait, in case you were wondering. :)

Then we were off to the honeymoon. It was such a fun time. First, the resort, an all-inclusive hotel near Cancun, was just exquisite. Everything about it was gorgeous, down to the marble floors. Our room was amazing. Gorgeous bed, a jacuzzi that looks out over the patio, a lounge chaise on the balcony (where I spent a LOT of time reading and sleeping).

It had like 8 restaurants, and most of them were really good. Lots of bars (that Micah and I learned to take advantage of... free smoothies and virgin pina coladas!). There were shows and stuff at night, too. And for New Years they did this big dinner and stuff. Sadly, Micah and I did NOT stay awake to see in the new year. We're old, I know, but were just exhausted from all the laying around in the sun. :) Oh yeah... the freaking beach and the pools were awesome, too.

But we had to come home. To our mess of a house that is filled to the brim with wedding presents. :) We've gotten most of it put away, but there is still a LOT of work to be done before we go back to school.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a bit about the wedding and honeymoon. I'll post some wedding pictures when I get them. :)

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