Sunday, April 19, 2009

Follow the yellow brick road...

I got to see "The Wizard of Oz" this week at the Hobby Center!! And let me just tell you... I enjoyed it immensely. I have loved Dorothy and her ruby red slippers since I was a little girl. I even had my very own ruby red slippers. See.

(That's my brother as Indiana Jones, if you can't tell. This was about the time I thought I might make a career out of acting.) My mom also bought me this humongous book with all the lines and music from the play plus pictures from the movie in it. I've treasured that book. It's currently on my bookshelf next to my "Wicked" Grimmerie and my "Fairyopolous" and "Wizardology" pop-up books, thanks to my adorable step-dad.

Anyway... back to the musical. It was so wonderful. My friend Kristen and I went together, and we were both ridiculously excited. The singing was wonderful, and they even had a real dog to play Toto! :) He was probably my favorite part. The backdrops and sets were a LITTLE disappointing. I saw Beauty and the Beast on Broadway and was just BLOWN AWAY by all of the sets, so I think I was just expecting too much. But even so, I had a wonderful time remembering why I love Dorothy so much. (P.S. My sister in law/BFF's middle name used to be Dorothy, and I was always SO jealous of that! That and her red hair.)

So that made my week pretty awesome.

Finals are creeping up on me, but I'm choosing to pretend otherwise. I spent all day yesterday curled up to Micah and Lilly on the couch watching movies and Friends. It was such a perfect day. Plus it was raining, and I love the rain. Apparently my puppy does not. She absolutely REFUSES to go potty in the rain. She's so prissy.

Last thing. Since it's Sunday, I figured I'd share my favorite PostSecret this week. (If you don't know what PostSecret is, click here. But let me warn you that some of the secrets are graphic/shocking/scary/depressing. I just love the absolute honesty. It's so revealing to me).

Anyway, here's my favorite secret this week.

I just always wonder how come people who feel empty/unfulfilled/lonely don't see the connection. That there will always be a God-shaped hole inside your heart until you let Him in your heart. It's so depressing to see people trying to fill that hole with so many unfulfilling things.

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