Monday, April 27, 2009

Did You Know...

That I'm a published poet?

That's right. I'm practically famous.

Ok I'm kidding. About the famous part. One of my poems really WAS published, though.

In the "Wylie Morning News." :)

I was in third grade, and there was a competition at my elementary school to see who could write the best poem about recycling. And I WON! :) I was so proud. I even beat the fifth grade poem (is it totally pathetic that I still remember his name?). I still get indignant, though, when I remember stupid Mrs. Smith asking me if my Mom hadn't actually written it for me!!! Like I wasn't capable of writing it by myself.

Anyway, Micah LOVES to tease me about my poem. He even quotes portions of it at me when he wants to make me feel dumb. And I thought that I'd share it. :) So you can see that my genius developed at a young age:

Our earth is very dirty
We need to clean it up.
And yet we don't realize
That trash is just too much.

If we all work together
And we form a team
Our earth can be so nice
Just pretty, sunny, and clean.

So start recycling now
Wherever you may be.
Because anyone can do it
Including you and me!

Why not do it now?
You have nothing to lose.
Cause everybody knows
Recycling's not yesterday's news!

Amazed by my brilliance? You should be. ;)

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