Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's Mother's Day...

So of course I'm thinking about my wonderful mother. :)

I know everyone says they have the best mom, but I really do. I think about growing up and my childhood, and I can see how much my Mom has shaped who I am. Like how, when my brother and I were little, I can't tell you how many times we saw the inside lof a Bookstop. Even when my parents had ZERO money, my mom would take us to Bookstop for new books to read. Reading still remains my very favorite thing to do. My brother, too. He just won't admit it.

I always had freedom to make my own choices, from a very young age. My mom let me wear dresses every day of Kindergarten. She also realized that NO one could do my hair like I wanted it, so I assumed that responsibility early on, as well. Instead of preaching rules at me, she taught me to think for myself and to think about the consequences of my choices. And, since I'm giving all the credit to my Mom, I think it's ok for me to say that I'm a pretty good decision-maker today. :)

She also taught me to love with all my heart. And anyone who knows me knows that I wear my heart on my sleeve and love with everything I have. That's all my mom. She did it. So, complain to her about it if you must.

But, SERIOUSLY, Mom. Why in the world didn't you give me your perfect Portugese genes?? I got stuck with this crappy pale skin and blue eyes... I guess, in light of everything else you gave me, I can forgive you for that. :) Seriously, though. Thanks for everything Mom.

I'm also sad today, because I miss very much my honorary mom. The woman whose house I spent half my time in growing up and the woman who raised my wonderful best friend. I'm thankful for Danna and everything she did for her beautiful daughters and for me. And God knows I miss her.

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