Friday, May 8, 2009

The Last Two Days...

...have not been fun, to say the least. I took my first final yesterday. Most students in law school opt to take their exams on their laptops. I always do. I type much faster than I handwrite, so it's more efficient. Occasionally, I have seen other students have trouble with their computers during exams, but it never happened to me.

Until yesterday.

I was in the middle of my Patent Law exam, and my computer died. I tried not to panic, and I just finished the rest of my exam on paper. But the stress of the computer just put me off my groove, and the part I handwrote was horribly messy and nonsensical. Well the IT department at school assured me they got all the typed portion of my exam off my computer, so I was at least happy about that.

Until this morning.

When the school called and said they actually DIDN'T recover the typed part of my exam. I took my computer up to school, and they had problems with it. Apparently the version my computer saved is encrypted. So they had to send it to the company who makes the exam software to un-encrypt it. And there's no news yet on whether anything is recoverable. So I'm resigning myself to the fact that I may have to take the whole darn exam over again.

And I think I've remained pretty positive about, and I keep trying to keep things in perspective. At least my computer didn't actually crash (what really happened is that the outlet I was plugged into wasn't working, so the computer just died). And I just know that whatever happens, happens for a reason. God's got me covered, and I just refuse to stress about it.

So... I'm going to focus on the good news! I'll be done with exams by the end of next week, and then I'll be 2/3 of the way done with law school!!! And I'm trying to keep my mind off the other bad news: that at the end of next week I'm moving away from Micah and Lilly for 11 weeks. Can I just show you how adorable my dog is? She's getting so big!

Love her. :) That's all. I'm worn out. And Micah and I are going to go get in bed and watch... you guessed it: FRIENDS!

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