Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bring the Rain

I am sitting in front of a computer at my Mom's house with a tear-stained face. I'm staying here tonight, dog-sitting for her, and I decided to take advantage of having internet connection (my condo has none) and surf the net for awhile. I stumbled upon this blog. This God-inspired, beautfully written blog that really has touched me. I've spent the past three hours reading about this woman's struggle, being awed by her courage and her amazing faith. I'm hoping you read it, but here's a quick rundown. Her name is Angie, and she is married to one of the singers of the Christian band, Selah. During the course of her pregnancy with her fourth daughter, she discovered that her daughter hadn't developed properly. She was still alive, but she would not survive outside the womb. It was a certainty that the daughter she had hoped and prayed for would die as soon as or shortly after she was born. Though it was an incredibly difficult decision, she and her husband decided that she would carry the little girl, Audrey Caroline, to term, and they prayed for God to heal their baby, though they were at peace with the fact that He might not. I can't really convey the depth of her faith; you really need to read it for yourself. Though Audrey was born alive, she only lived about two hours before the Lord took her home.

I know it seems depressing, but my punchline here isn't Audrey's death or this God-fearing family's suffering. It's the way God provided, and continues to provide, for them. And the way that God can reveal his light, even in the dark. Thankfully, I've never had to endure even a fraction of this woman's pain and suffering. But I honestly pray that if and when God brings rain in my life, my faith will stand firm as hers has and that I can continue to praise the Lord with joy. Anyway... that's all. Everything in my life is wonderful; God continues to bless me. Living away from Micah is hard, but I'm thankful for this experience because I'm seeing even more clearly that I married a man who loves the Lord (he's relentless about making sure I'm paying tithe on the money I'm making this summer!) and who loves me in such a humbling way. How undeserving am I of such a blessing?

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