Wednesday, July 1, 2009

For my Dad...

You know that guy?

The guy who can talk to anyone. The guy who always finds a way to see the bright side? Who always has faith in people and would give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed it?

That's my Dad. And since I haven't had much time to blog, I didn't get to post anything about my Dad on Father's Day. So here I am, thinking about how I must have won some kind of lottery, because my Dad is honestly one of my favorite people in the whole world.

I'm not kidding when I say he can talk to anyone. I mean ANYONE. About ANYTHING. If you meet my Dad in an elevator, he's going to say hello. And he's the biggest gossip I know, which is somehow incredibly endearing.

Like his father, he thinks that duct tape can fix anything. He's incapable of telling you the exact time; if it's 5:35, he'll tell you it's 6:00. He is incredibly optimistic. I wonder where I get that from? :) He can tell you anything you need to know about Texas high school football ... or golf. He calls me almost every day. He's got a way with animals. He's a social butterfly. He loves babies more than anything in the world, and I'm pretty sure he's pissed he doesn't have grandbabies yet. He can make some out-of-this-world guacamole. He is incredibly sensitive and can't STAND it when someone is mad at him. His laugh makes funny movies even funnier. He reminds me of George Strait. He came to every basketball and volleyball game I ever played. When I needed a new car, he searched high and low for the perfect yellow mustang. When I'm sad, he makes me believe that everything is going to be okay. He's more proud of my brother and me than you can imagine. And when he saw me in my wedding dress, he cried.

I love you, Dad. I'm proud to be your daughter. Thanks for the life and the love you've given me. I'm utterly grateful.

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