Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My "Wednesday" Letter

I've been writing Micah a love letter every Monday for about the past month. (I explained why here.) So far, I've been pretty diligent about remembering every week. Every Monday night Micah comes home to a letter on his desk, usually handwritten and sealed in an envelope. This past Monday, things got hectic with school stuff and us buying the truck, and I didn't get to write his letter. Yesterday was similarly busy, and last night we had to go BACK to the dealership to get his temporary license plates.

So here I am, on Wednesday, and he still doesn't have his letter. I think it worked out perfectly, though, because today is the seven year anniversary of the day we started dating. When I agreed to be Micah's girlfriend on August 19, 2002, I had no idea that I was making one of the most profound decisions of my life. I had no idea that seven years later, I'd be married to the love of my life and writing him this "Wednesday Letter."

Micah Lee -

I remember the day you called me, out of the blue, like it was yesterday. It was the summer before my senior year in high school, and I was sitting on my bed next to Courtney Morris, and the phone rang. She answered it, and her mouth dropped open in shock. She handed the phone to me and silently mouthed "It's Micah."

It was honestly one of the most shocking moments of my life. I hadn't spoken to you in a really long time, still bitter about you breaking my heart my freshman year. We still went to church together, but you were so very quiet, and you had just gotten out of a relationship. I had actually kind of forgotten about you. Plus I had a boyfriend, and I just couldn't believe you'd have the nerve to call me knowing he might be there with me. But you did. You asked me if I ever thought about you, and because I'm honest to a fault, I told you that I really didn't.

But you were on a mission. And you called me the next day. And the next. Until you became one of my favorite people to be around, and I wondered how I could feel so strongly about someone when I already had a boyfriend I was supposed to be crazy about. And then my relationship fell apart, and you were there to pick up the pieces, and I started to realize that I couldn't live without you.

And on August 19, 2002 you asked me to be your girlfriend when we were driving around on backroads in your old white Chevy. And I said yes.

It wasn't long before we were saying "I love you" and making plans for the future. Plans I'm sure no one thought we'd ever follow through with because we were just kids and because high school sweethearts almost never last. Almost never.

Now it's seven years later, and I'm sitting in the house we own together, wearing the ring you put on my finger eight months ago, writing you a letter. I just wanted to remind you of that wonderful day and how happy I am that you called me. It was the beginning of my very favorite love story. Ours.



penny said...

I know what you are talking about the love of my life came to me like a special present that you get and you don't know how important it is but you know you really are glad you have it . Steve and I started dating when I was 14 and he was 18 we dated 4 years before we married and have been so happy together 26 years in Dec . It is amazing how you can love someone so much , and everyday you love them a lil more. So I say it only get's better if you are in love with your best friend
and love of your life ... I think it is great your love for him !!
Penny :)

The Copeland Family said...

Now THAT is a precious story, Ryan!

Mrs. Robinson said...

OH ~ My heart stopped! You're a GREAT writer!

This makes me want to start writing letters to my husband.. but I kind of want to start on an occasion, you know? Maybe on his birthday? It's in May. I do plan on sending his mom a Thank You card on his birthday...telling her why I love her son so much and to thank her for giving birth to the man God made for me..thanking her for raising him to be a person I would want to spend forever with. So maybe it'd be cool to write the "first" letter to him then, too?

Lauren Alexis said...

That is so sweet! I love it!

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