Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An Impulse Purchase...

Micah's been whining about this vibration in his truck for awhile now. And he also hated that it wasn't a full crew cab, just a cab and a half. Plus, his power steering fluid was leaking, which was going to cost between $400 and $500 to fix. AND, since this economy presents the perfect opportunity to get a great deal from desperate car dealers, he's been looking around at trucks on the internet.

He found one he wanted to go check out. "Just to look," he told me. I was kind of surprised that it was a Chevy, since he's been driving a Ford for the past three years. But I was secretly excited because he drove a Chevy when we started dating, and I'm definitely a Chevy truck girl (even though I drive a silly Ford).

We get there to check it out, and it's love at first sight. Micah couldn't stop grinning, and I was actually pretty impressed, too. It's clean as a whistle, the engine looks great, and it's decked out on the inside -- the nicest truck model Chevy makes. The price looks good, but it's still too much for us. So I say as much to the dealer, and he tells us that he'll make us a deal.

So we go inside and negotiate (my skills as a law student came in handy, I think). After the salesman makes about three trips back and forth from his manager's office, we finally get them down to payments we can afford (not much more than Micah had been paying before) and a lower interest rate than what Micah had on his other truck.

And then we signed the papers and became the owners of this pretty truck!

It's a 2007, and it's SO pretty. Check out the inside. Pretty snazzy for a Chevy. :)

And it's definitely got the comfiest seats of all the trucks Micah's had (four and counting :)).

We've GOT to stop making impulse purchases, though. This past year, we have bought a new TV, a very expensive mattress, and now this truck. I'm pretty sure that's going to have to be it for 2009. :)

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