Monday, September 14, 2009

Drama Drama Drama...

If you haven't heard about the Taylor Swift/Kanye West drama, you clearly don't follow entertainment gossip like I do. But it's okay. I'll fill you in.

Last night at the MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift and Beyonce (among others) were both up for Female Video of the Year. Taylor won (yay!), and as she began her acceptance speech Kanye West randomly jumped up on stage, stole her microphone, and began to tell everyone how Beyonce's video was one of the best videos of all time. Everyone in the ausdience just seemed kind of flabbergasted, and poor Taylor looked lost. She didn't have any time to thank anyone, and MTV cut to commercial. Google it, and I'm sure you can find a YouTube video showing just how jerky Kanye was. The media has been all over the whole debacle, and Kanye has since issued two very generic and halfhearted apologies.

The whole thing just got me thinking a little bit.

Why in the WORLD did Kanye think we cared about his opinion?? Why is what he thinks about who should have won even relevant?

I think that people like Kanye West honestly believe that, by sharing their unsolicited opinions, they're making the world a better place. And that BLOWS my mind.

Surprise, surprise... I'm a positive person. But this isn't about me thinking everyone should see the world through rose-colored glasses.

It's about two things.

First, if I don't ask you for your opinion about me or my life (or about those that I care about), you shouldn't direct your negative thoughts in my direction. And honestly, I can say with some certainty that the rest of the world doesn't care what you think either.

Second, there's an approriate time and place and manner. I completely agree that celebrities put themselves out to the public, and that a certain amount of criticism comes with the territory. I'm sure Taylor Swift understands that, too. But Kanye West should have tweeted about it... or blogged about it... or texted his friends about it. He should have stolen that moment from her. It wasn't his right to take that away from her.

I know I sound uncharacteristically sassy. I just think that we all know people who offer their unsolicited, negative opinions about us or our families or our jobs or our life decisions. And I think it's time they stop.

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