Thursday, March 25, 2010


So I wrote here about how much I love the simplehuman sensor soap pump.  In fact, I gave two away as Christmas gifts because I love it so much!

It's a hands-free, automatic soap pump, and it runs off AA batteries - no plug required!  Micah and I use lithium batteries in it, which last for a long time. You can put basically any liquid soap in there, and it'll shoot it right out when you put your hands under the sensor.  Micah and I definitely wasted quite a bit of soap when we first got ours, feeling like Jedi when the soap came out.

So it's totally fun, and it's also a smart product to have in the kitchen because it allows you to wash your dirty, greasy, chicken-germy hands without contaminating anything else in your kitchen.  Now I'm certainly not a germophobe by any means, but I would absolutely hate to poison my sweet husband by accident, and this product definitely helps on that front. :)  It's also not too bulky and fits neatly on the edge of my sink.

I'm obviously a huge fan of this product (actually of all simplehuman products - their trashcans are pretty fabulous, too.  And, yes, I recognize that I'm a huge dork for getting all hot and bothered about soap pumps and trash cans.  I can't help myself.).  And because simplehuman has graciously offered to donate a soap pump for me to give away...

I'm giving away a free simplehuman soap pump!!!! 

There are several ways in which you can win.

First, leave a comment on my blog.

You can leave one comment per day, from now until Sunday.  I'll pick a winner at random on Monday.
**I wasn't very clear - you can leave your "extra comments" (from posting on your Facebook or Twitter or Blog) all in one day or whenever you want. The "one comment per day" meant that you could come back once per day and post an extra comment (one that doesn't have to say anything or link to anything) for extra, extra entries.  Sorry I'm a crappy communicator. :)**

For extra entries: 

* Write a blog post about my giveaway, and post a comment here linking to your blog.

* Post a facebook status about this giveaway.

* Tweet about this giveaway (I'll see it if you include @ryanhargrave7).

* Leave a comment telling me about your favorite kitchen gadget.

Don't forget to leave a separate comment for each entry, or else I won't know to throw your name in the hat more than once!

I'll announce the winner on Monday.

Good luck!!


Kristen said...

me me me! I want to win it :-)

lowrytinam said...

Pick me! Pick me! If you have been following my blogs..... you know how I am about some free stuff. Who knows, I may return the favor to you soon. Just sayin!

Ally said...

You are too funny!
PS- I totally have been wanting one of those dadgum things since you first talked about it. :) Sign me up!

Monica M. said...

I love all things gadget-y! So excited! I hope I win!

Monica M. said...

Hmm, my favorite kitchen gadget is......... my magic bullet. :)

Kristen said...

My favorite little item is the kitchen organizer (

I love a clean, orderly kitchen! :-)

Monica M. said...

Day 2! I'm an even bigger dork than you! :-p

The Copeland Family said...

I NEED one of these...pick me!

The Copeland Family said...

Oh, and as for my favorite kitchen has to be my pampered chef stones!!

Monica M. said...

Day 3!!! Hope you're having a good weekend! :) PS. Can you tell I really want this? :p

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah the Price Household could always use one....with our germy kid hands!

jrachelbird said...

OK, so you know your poor cousin lives in the country and has TWO little boys under the age of 4!!! LOTS & LOTS of dirt happens in our house...forgot to mention that I have a cowboy for a husband...add more dirt. They are always getting my soap dispensers dirty...this wonderful kitchen gadget would help me oh so much. Ever tried to hold up a squirmy toddler with one leg and get the soap on their hands and the water temp. just right all the while your kid is screaming that you are hurting his tummy! What I am trying to say is that I need this really bad and it will go to a good home that will love it daily!! Thanks!

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