Monday, March 22, 2010

Meal Planning... Monday

I'm apparently completely incapable of posting my menu on the same day each week.  I actually did my meal planning on Friday, but for some reason forgot to post it.  So here we go... not a lot of new, interesting meals this week.

Friday:  Rodeo (again!)

Saturday Lunch:  Sonic

Saturday Dinner:  BLT's with Savory Spread and crackers

Sunday Lunch:  Something quick after church

Sunday Dinner:  Creole Pork Chops with rice

Monday:  Pasta a la Betsy and salad

Tuesday:  Late class for me, leftovers for Micah

Wednesday:  Grilled Chicken Salad with homemade ranch dressing

Thursday:  Late class for me, leftovers for Micah

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