Monday, March 15, 2010

This weekend...

Micah and I went home to Josephine this weekend and got in some MUCH needed time with our families.  It just reminded me what a wonderful place I grew up in.

On Friday, we got into town around 2:30-ish.  We unloaded our stuff and our cantankerous puppy (who was being incredibly sassy the whole way up), and then I drove about an hour out to Cooper to see my sweet Mimi.  It was so good catching up, and she gave me an incredibly generous graduation gift that I can't WAIT to use (I'll post about it later).

I went back to Micah's parents' house for dinner, and we celebrated Micah's and his dad's birthdays with some good ole' country cooking and mandarin orange pie (so, so, so, so delicious).  I just love Micah's family.  You couldn't find nicer, more giving people anywhere.  And it doesn't hurt that both his mom and dad are wonderful cooks.

Saturday morning, Micah went fishing, and I spent a few hours visiting with my Mamaw, Papaw, Aunt Tammy and her two girls.  It was so wonderful being there.  It's hard seeing my Mamaw not feeling well, but she's in good spirits and surrounded by her family and sunshine - her favorite things. :)  

After that, I had lunch with my Aunt Brig and my fun cousins at my very favorite Italian restaurant EVER.  We had so much fun catching up and visiting.  The women in my family are all so fun and lively - never a dull moment with the Abbott (and Price!) girls. :)  Plus, my cousin Heather's little Carson is probably the cutest little boy on the face of the planet.  I can't wait to go to the beach in July and spend a few days just enjoying my incredible family.  

After lunch, I headed over to the roping pen where my brother was roping to visit with everyone there.  I didn't get NEAR enough time with you, Lauren - thank goodness I'll be home in a few weeks for your shower!! 

When I got back to Micah's parents' house that afternoon, I discovered something very out of the ordinary... Micah and his dad had actually caught an ice chest full of fish!  Needless to say, my husband was a happy, happy boy. :)

Saturday night, Micah and I met my brother and Faith at my Dad and Lori's to visit and eat some delicious Mexican food.  Dinner was wonderful, and we got to visit for awhile afterward.  Again, moral of the story - my family is awesome.  

Sunday was lunch with my Mom and Steve.  My mom makes the zuppa toscani soup and the addictive salad from Olive Garden, and I have to say - she does it better. :)  Lilly got to play with her boyfriend, Gus, and I got some good, quality time with my Mom. Of course, she sent Micah and I home with about a week's worth of leftovers.  Tonight we're having leftover soup. :)

So let's break the weekend down - family, food, family, food, family, food, family, food, and family.  Sounds like the perfect start to my spring break. :)


Anonymous said...

Makes me tired reading all your stops--- so glad I was one of them--- love you Aunt Brig

Ryan said...

I'm glad you were one of them, too! We're going to have to do that again! :)

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