Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I have been...

... INSANELY busy this last week.  Here's the semi-short version.

I had one final last Wednesday (I think it went well, but I have learned that I should NEVER try and predict how I did on law school exams - it's totally and completely random). Then I studied for my Trusts and Wills final all week and weekend.  I took that final on Monday morning.  It was painful.   

Then I ran straight home, packed a bag, and rode with Micah and the devil puppy to Josephine that afternoon.  Micah's grandma is very, very sick, and we just... wanted to make sure we got to visit with her.  So we spent most of the day on Tuesday at her house.  She's the most wonderful woman, and it was lovely getting to talk with her and Micah's sweet grandpa (who reminds me SO, SO much of Micah).

Then I got to see Lauren, her husband Eric, and their adorable little boy Landon and Landon's t-ball practice, which was SO hilarious.  Those kids were the cutest thing EVER and made me practically ache for a baby.  But, judging from Micah's freaked out "uh, um... well... I mean, do you really think we're ready?" and the fact that I'm still jobless, it's definitely going to be awhile. :) (Sorry, Dad!)

It was wonderful getting to visit with my best friend for a little while, and later that night we got to visit with  some of Micah's best friends, as well.  His best man, Cody, and two of his other very close friends from high school, Jake and David, dropped by his parents' house last night.  We stayed up until almost 12:00 (hey, that's practically an all-nighter for us!), but it was SO good to see them.  

And then we got up at 7:00 this morning and made the drive back to Houston.  Ugh.  Just typing it all makes me crave another nap.

I'm about to write a quick paper and crank out a take-home exam for my Public School Law class, and then I'll be DONE with law school! Whoa... surreal.  Expect a cheesy, sentimental post about how much I have loved law school in the next few days. :)


Alix said...

Congrats! I cannot believe that you still have tests and papers to do! You're sooo close! Keep it up!

Sarah McMullin said...

Can you believe it's OVER??!?!?!?

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