Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Meal-Planning Wednesday

It's definitely a Pioneer Woman week here in the Hargrave house this week.  As I was meal planning this afternoon, I saw so many yummy recipes on her site that I just couldn't resist.  So here's what I'm making.

WednesdayFancy Macaroni and Cheese.

ThursdaySummer Stir-Fry.

Friday:  Date Night!!

SaturdayRanch-Style Chicken with Restaurant Style Smashed Potatoes.  (I've made the Ranch-Style Chicken before, and it's delicious!)

Sunday:  Frito pie.

MondayChicken Salad with chips and fresh peaches.

TuesdayFettuccine Alfredo with Caesar salad and garlic bread.  (I've made this dish about every which way you can make it, so I'm interested to see whether or not I like her version better.)


The Copeland Family said...


Ryan said...

Me too!!!!!! The first time I stumbled upon her site, I felt like I had found a pot of gold or something! :) And practically everything I've made of hers has been DELICIOUS!!!

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