Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ten clues that I'm a country girl...

I'm sure that you know that I grew up in a small town.  This picture above?  It used to be my front yard.

In honor of my hometown, I'm going to give you a Jeff Foxworthy-esque, "You Might Be a Country Girl If..." kind of list.

So here we go.  Here are ten signs that I'm from the country.

1.  I go weak in the knees when I see a Chevy truck with big tires.

2.  I spent more than one Friday night watching men in cowboy hats team rope.

3.  My favorite drink is super sugary, almost syrupy sweet tea.

4.  I've been "parking"... on a four-wheeler.  (Don't worry... it was Micah, and we only kissed.) :)

5.  For me, a twenty-minute drive to the grocery store is a short trip.

6.  In the words of Alan Jackson, my first car was a pickup truck.

7.  I've been muddin' more times than I can count.

8.  My grandparents went to high school with Micah's grandparents.

9.  For fun, my friends and I used to toilet paper houses  (Maybe this isn't a "country" thing, so much as a teenager thing.)

10.  I married my high school sweetheart. :)


Anonymous said...

Your so cute, I have the biggest smile on my face when I read your posts! By the way... Cody (my lil brother) just bought a little house in Josephine this week!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to put my name!

Amber Moorman

Ryan said...

That's so amazing, Amber! What in the world brought him to Josephine?? Oh my goodness, he was always the most PRECIOUS kid... I hope he's doing wonderfully!

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