Monday, July 26, 2010

Free Photography Session!

The dreaded day is almost here.

Tomorrow I take the Texas Bar Exam.

I've studied about as much as I possibly can, and I'm taking the rest of today off. I figure my brain would benefit more from a day of rest than trying to cram any more last-minute information in, so I called it quits a little while ago.

So I'll be MIA until Thursday afternoon, after which you should expect a delirious post of happiness from me. :)

Until then... here's a treat for any interested Dallas-area readers!

My best friend Lauren, who is interested in starting a photography business, is giving away free photography sessions to the first five people who respond to this post!

With it, you'll get: 1-2 hours of Lauren's time at a Dallas-area location of your choice, approximately 150 pictures taken, and images on a CD with 10-20 of the best shots digitally edited.

To set up your FREE session, email Lauren at

And, until at least Thursday, over and out!


The Links said...

I sent your friend an e-mail! I hope I am one of the first 5. I need some picture of me and Matt!!! Now that I've started taking pictures I never get any of me and Matt.

Thanks for passing her info along!!

Ryan said...

Yay, Katy! I'm so glad! And you may actually know Lauren - she went to Wylie Intermediate School with us in 6th Grade. Her last name used to be Moore. Now it's Ammerman. :)

Anyway... I hope the pictures turn out wonderfully! :)

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