Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More on Lost...

In other news, Micah and I FINALLY finished the series finale of Lost last night. We started watching in June and got through Season Five (apparently there are more than four seasons ;)) sometime in July. But Season Six didn't come out until the end of August, and it was a very painful wait.

When it came out and Netflix said there'd be a "very long wait" for the first disc, we went ahead and bought it. And we FINALLY finished it last night.

Let me just say that if you never did get into Lost, you should really give it another try. Just rent the first disc of Season One and watch at least a few episodes. It was such a clever, exciting show, and especially after watching the finale, I'm so glad I watched it. It ended on a very positive note, and, despite everyone who said that the writers didn't wrap everything up, I felt satisfied with how they ended it.

So that's my plug for Lost. We're watching Dexter and Weeds right now, and I'm sure I'll have more to say about both shows later. :)

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