Thursday, September 9, 2010

Recipes I'm excited to try...

Sometimes my husband goes to sleep much, much earlier than I do. Tonight is one of those nights, and to keep myself occupied, I decided to surf two of my favorite recipe sites for new ideas: Annie's Eats and Pioneer Woman.

I'm in a munchy, appetizer-y mood, so here are the recipes I printed out to file away in my "Recipes To Try" folder.

Creamy Stovetop Crab Dip

Spicy Sausage Dip

Pineapple Mango Salsa

Creamed Spinach


Homemade Glazed Doughnuts (Okay, so this one isn't even CLOSE to being an appetizer. But don't those pictures make your mouth water?!)

If you try any of these, let me know how they are! :)


The Links said...

I'm not trying the PW doughnut recipe, but I am going to make my families recipe for homemade donuts next Saturday. I'll be sure to blog about it. It's WAY easier than hers, and I think they oh OH SO YUMMY!!

Ryan said...

Ooh, yes! Definitely share your recipe! My husband's mom makes them using canned biscuits, and they're SO simple and delicious! I have just always wanted to try making yeast donuts - they're my very favorite breakfast food! :)

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