Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day Eighteen: Something I Regret...

Apparently I've been busy this weekend, and I've got four days to catch up on, but I'm up to the challenge. :)

Today's post may seem a bit silly in light of the blog title. But, honestly, there aren't a lot of big things that I regret. I'm just not the kind of person who looks back and wishes that I had done things differently... especially when I think about happy my life is and how God uses even the bad times to bless me abundantly. So I'll tell you about something I said when I was a little girl that still hurts my heart to this day.

When I was growing up I loved to sing. I definitely wasn't very good, but my parents (especially my mom) always told me that I could do anything, so I just ignored the fact that my voice didn't always match Mariah's when I sang along, and I just belted my little heart out whenever I could.

One Christmas morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn and went to wake my parents up so that we could open presents. When I went into the living room, I saw two big packages: one in front of my stack of presents and one in front of my brother's. When it came time to open them, my brother just happened to go first. He tore off the paper and found a SUPER cool boom box. It even had a CD player and everything! I was just so excited because I thought that Santa had brought me a super cool boom box, too. So I tore mine open and found a bit of a disappointment inside.

My parents had actually thought long and hard about my present, and they looked around until the found the perfect thing: a karaoke machine. It had a real microphone, and they thought I would love being able to sing along to everything that came on the radio. But the problem was that my brother had opened his present first, and mine didn't have a CD player. I remember asking my parents why Santa had brought me this karaoke machine when I really would have rather had the boom box.

It sounds silly, I know. But when I found out, years later, that Santa wasn't real and that my parents had actually bought me that karaoke machine, I felt horrible. It was such a thoughtful gift, and I know how tight money was for my parents at that time. It was a big sacrifice for them to buy me that present, and I didn't even appreciate it.

I'm sure my parents don't even remember this seemingly insignificant exchange, but it has bothered me for YEARS! So if you're reading, Mom and Dad, I'm SO sorry! I ended up LOVING my karaoke machine, and I'm so grateful that I had parents who loved me enough to buy me thoughtful presents, even if I didn't appreciate them at the time. :)

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Sarah McMullin said...

One of my all time biggest regrets is making a joke about not like a book my mom bought me for my birthday. She was so sad, and (thanks to video cameras and a million siblings,) I will NEVER LIVE IT DOWN.

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