Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day Seven: My Favorite Movies

This is one of those posts that I'll probably regret later, because when I list my all-time favorite movies, I feel quite certain that you're going to judge me. But I am who I am - horrible taste in movies and all! :)

My all-time favorite movie is actually Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (it's a childhood nostalgia thing... at least that's what I tell myself). (**I originally mistyped and put Robin Hood: Men in Tights, but I actually HATE that movie... I have no clue what I was thinking!**)

I also love these movies:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Pride and Prejudice
Sense and Sensibility
The Departed
Spy Game
Dirty Dancing
The Breakfast Club
Little Women
The Notebook
Ever After
Center Stage
Wizard of Oz

I'm absolutely certain there are more, but these are the movies that first popped into my mind, which means they have to be my real favorite movies, right?

In other news, Micah and I got a LOT of stuff hung up in the house today, which makes me happy. Slowly but surely this house is coming together. :)


Katie K. said...

Center Stage...I cannot believe that I forgot that one!

Jen said...

I too had forgotten about Center Stage!! LOVE That movie!!

Ryan said...

And to think I almost left that one off because I thought it was too lame! Thank y'all for making me feel a little less dorky! :)

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