Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cursed, wretched, blasted, no good, very bad day...

Today has been one of those days. The kind of day that makes you wish you had just stayed in bed asleep. But I didn't stay in bed asleep. I freaking got up, and everything just went downhill from there.

First of all, I woke up to this.

What, you may be asking, in the world is this?

Well, it's a burn on our carpet in the middle of the living room floor. Of our rented house.

And how did it get there?

Well, I left my curling iron sitting there for an entire day, of course.

And the worst part is that yesterday morning, as I was leaving the house, I thought, "I'd better check and make sure I turned off my curling iron." But then I thought, "well, that's just silly. Of course I turned it off!" So I left for work, and because Micah and I grabbed dinner last night and crawled into bed as soon as we got home (yeah, we're old), I didn't bother putting the curling iron back where it belongs. (Apparently God's punishing me for being forgetful
and lazy.)

This morning, I woke up and smelled something strange as I walked through the living room, so I picked the curling iron up and saw the burn mark. And freaked out in a big way. Micah had already left for work, and when I called him, he was so sweet and understanding. He didn't yell or tell me how crappy I am; he just calmly said "well, what can we do? We'll just get some new carpet." So, even though I felt about
this big, I went about my day and actually had a decent day at work.

After work, I hopped on 75 North and headed toward NorthPark mall to meet my friend Rebecca for dinner at Blue Mesa off of Northwest Highway. Went I went to exit, I turned left onto Northwest Highway and basically made a U-turn, thinking I could get onto the southbound service road. And you definitely can't. It just shoots you right back onto 75 South.

So I had to get back onto 75, exit, U-turn to go back North, and try and turn left at Northwest. But, of course, I was in the wrong lane, and it put me back onto 75 N, past my exit. Frustrated beyond belief, I made another U-turn, finally made it onto Northwest Highway, and got into the left turn lane to turn into the parking lot of the restaurant but got caught at the red light. And then I sat there.

And sat there.

The light is quite possibly the slowest light on the planet, (even though my green arrow only lasted about 3 seconds) and I sat through five red lights until I was the second car in line. The little rich girl in front of me with her Mercedes and SMU bumper sticker (no judgment) apparently couldn't be bothered to notice that the light had turned green, and she sat through the light for the three seconds it took for the light to turn red so that I had to wait another 4 minutes for the next green light. I wanted to cry.

But I finally made it to the restaurant, had a WONDERFUL time visiting with my sweet friend, and got in my car to head home to my love. But I noticed that my low fuel light was on, and I remembered that I had tried to get gas last night, but I stopped in the ghetto and got accosted by a homeless man and, after I gave him all the change I had, I rushed back into my car and left. Even though I only pumped about 3 gallons.

So I figure I need to stop and get gas at some point, and I decide to exit Garland Road off of 635. Wouldn't you know that, like Northwest Highway, Garland Road is also one of those stupid exits with no service road, so I get pushed onto the southbound lane of Garland Road, U-turn to try and get back onto 635 because there is no gas station in sight, and see that Garland Road goes straight across 635 and doesn't have an entrance ramp onto the highway.


So I check my iPhone, see a way to get back to 635, and pull into the first gas station on my way. I pull in and proceed to pump 19.9 gallons into my 20 gallon tank, get back into my car and try and go under 635 so that I can turn left and get back onto the westbound lane of 635. And I swear to you - no joke - I can't. I'm at this weird intersection of 635, Saturn Road, and Centerville, and all I can do is go right and get back onto 635 going back toward Dallas.

At this point, I'm dangerously close to tears, but I was able to U-turn and go back the other way on 635. I'm all jubilant that I'm finally on the way home and don't notice the cop pulled over to my right with his lights on. According to a new law, I'm supposed to have slowed way down or gotten into the left lane, and I obviously didn't. I see the cop take off and pull onto the highway, but apparently at that point God decided that I'd taken enough of a beating for one night, because the cop drove right past me.

So now I'm home, and I'm fairly certain that I'd better head to sleep before I cause any more trouble. But first I'm going to unplug every appliance in the house. :)


Anonymous said...

awww poor girl i have days like that sometimes. Its just a flewk sometimes just remember God never gives u anything you can not handle. But im glad you got home safe and sound.

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