Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day Twenty Eight: Pets

I'm definitely an animal lover. Growing up, we always had pets - including non-traditional ones like newts and birds. But my first pet was a cat named Dorothy (I told you that I was obsessed with the Wizard of Oz...). We also had several dogs, including a toy poodle named Epiphany Bell Esprit who had the whole family wrapped around her paw. She definitely wasn't a good dog, but we all loved her anyway.

When I was five, we got Fluffy, who stayed with me until just a few months ago. Losing her was heartbreaking because it really was like losing a piece of my childhood, in addition to the fact that I had had her so long that she was basically a family member. I also had a cat named Friendly, who really was the friendliest cat you could ever imagine. She died just a few years ago, and my mom was absolutely devastated.

Of course, I can't not mention Shadow. He was the German Shepherd I got for a birthday present my freshman year in high school. Of course he ended up loving my Dad more than all the rest of us put together. He was a precious dog, and I was sad to say goodbye him.

So now, we just have Miss Lilly. She's spoiled rotten, and she's definitely not much of a Lab by nature, but I love her to pieces.

I mean, really. How in the world can you say no to that face?

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