Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day Twenty Eight: Something that stresses me out

It's so funny because I honestly don't feel stressed very often. But at some point my body must take over and exhibit some physical manifestations because I feel like my parents are always telling me not to stress. :) Maybe when I tell them about all the things I'm juggling right now they just feel stressed for me and project it onto me. No? You don't buy it?

Well anyhow, certain things DO stress me out. I'll just go ahead and make a list. It relieves my stress (ha!).
  • A messy house. I don't care if it's actually filthy; so long as everything is put away, I'm totally fine. My OCD husband, however, is not.
  • Feeling yucky. Because then I worry about how I might start feeling worse than I already do. And then I think about how if I start feeling badly enough I might have to miss work to go to the doctor. And then he might tell me that I'm actually sick. And I'm just too busy to be sick.
  • Shopping with other people. There are very few people that I can actually shop with. Especially when I'm really on a mission, I don't really care for shopping with other people. I rarely have the same taste as anyone else, and then I feel like we have to stay together, and we end up spending time looking at things we don't really care about - and that's just inefficient.
  • Umm...
Wow. I'm really racking my brain here trying to think of other things that stress me out, and I've got nothing. I swear I'm generally pretty laid back. I figure God will handle the big stuff, and everyone says you shouldn't sweat the small stuff. That about covers it, right? :)

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