Sunday, November 21, 2010

More new stuff... eventually!

Our next goal for the house is to buy new master bedroom furniture. I've settled on this canopy bed, I think.

And I'm fairly certain I want to go with a white/yellow/espresso color scheme. My whole problem with our current master bedroom situation is that it doesn't feel quite warm enough for me. It's a lot of chocolate brown, and it's a little monotonous. So I think a punch of yellow and white will brighten up the room, and pairing them with the espresso will give some much-needed contrast. Here are a few bedspreads that I love.

I was initially more interested in the second one, but Micah and my mom both prefer the first one. They think the second one has too much yellow to blend easily, and I'm fairly certain they're right (as usual). Plus, I think I like the idea of mixing the contemporary look of the bed with the classiness of toile.

And even though I know I shouldn't even be thinking about living room furniture yet since we'll only be in this house for a year and I don't know the layout of the living room we'll have next, I can't help but drool over this sectional. We dropped into Rooms To Go a few days ago just to look, and when we sank down into it, we both fell in love with the color, design, and comfort.

It also has a matching chair and ottoman that would go nicely in front of our fireplace. But for now I'll just admire them in pictures. :)

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