Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Menu

Because my brother and Faith AND my mom and Steve are going out of town for Christmas, we're having our Chrismas celebrations with my parents this weekend. Plus, my Mamaw always does her celebration the Sunday before, so I've got a lot of cooking to do this weekend!

Here's what I'm planning on making for each day.

Friday: Christmas with Mom & Steve

Theme: Fondue!

Mom and Steve are handling basically everything, but I am going to make this Chimichuri Sauce as a dipping sauce for the meat. I'm also trying to think of another dipping sauce that I can easily whip up. I will also probably bring these Sausage Balls. I've never tried this recipe, but Mom and Steve love spicy things, so I'm pretty sure they'll be a hit.

Saturday: Christmas with Dad & Lori

Theme: Casual/Meatball Subs & Appetizers!
Lori is fixing a LOT of food, so I didn't want to make too much. I think I'm just going to bring a homemade southwestern ranch dip to go with the veggie tray that Lori's buying, and I'm also going to make this to-die-for Banana Pudding.


Theme: Mexican!
The big-ticket items are already being made (enchiladas, queso, guacamole, etc.), so I'm going to try out a new recipe that looks so intriguing. It's a Mexican Pasta, which sounds so strange, but the pictures look just absolutely delicious. So I'm gonna go for it.

I'm also making some Tortilla Roll-Ups. I'll probably tweak this recipe a bit to make it a bit more southwestern (I'm thinking I'll add in some salsa, cayenne pepper, and grated cheddar to the cream cheese).

Now, I've just got to make the grocery list and send my sweet husband to the store. It's pitiful how bare our fridge and pantry are. :)

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