Monday, March 21, 2011

A few things...

This Saturday, I decided to sleep in and spend the day shopping. Micah had gone fishing with his Dad, and I really needed some makeup, a new makeup bag, and a journal (I'll get to that in a minute). So I headed first to Ulta and then to Marshall's (LOVE!) and got all of the above AND found a few other things I couldn't live without.

First, I found this adorable lantern. (If you're wondering why it's out on my porch, it's because I get NO natural light in the living room.) I also found the very cool antiqued "manuscripts" for super cheap and figured I could find somewhere to stick them (clearly I did). Sticking weird things in these lanterns is definitely a Pottery Barn idea, and I just love it!

I also saw these old-looking books, and I couldn't not buy them. I have nowhere to put them in this house, but they'll definitely find a home in the study at the new house.

I love, love, LOVE aprons. And I also love this color green, so I couldn't pass it up.

So clearly I'm already thinking about decorating the new house. My mom suggested that I pick up a journal so that I could jot down all my decorating ideas. So after I found a journal at Marshall's on Saturday, I definitely spent an hour or two literally cutting and pasting pictures from the Pottery Barn catalog. I'm thinking I want a sort of rustic theme (Italian, not western) for the house - lots of stained wood, neat texture, and wrought iron. I'm definitely going to use some of my favorite green, but I also want to use some whites, tans, chocolates, and bronzes.

I'm definitely ready for May to get here so we can move in and get settled - it's been a long time coming! :)

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