Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Music Thursday... and then some

Holy cow, y'all. I've been busy.

This past Monday, I drove to Tyler (in the midst of a torrential downpour, but that's another story for another day) for a jury selection (actually two!) and a hearing. Somehow during the two judicial internships I did and my time at the DA's office, I missed being able to see a voir dire from start to finish. So I really, really enjoyed getting to see that. (And may I just say that it's amazing to me how many people still have their facebook profiles publicly available?!)

The rest of this week, I have been working, but the main reason that I haven't been blogging is because I've been reading, rather obsessively, during any spare minute I can find. If you've been reading my blog for very long, you probably know that I loooove to read. But you've also probably noticed that I haven't mentioned anything about reading or books in quite awhile. I'm not sure why, but I just haven't felt like reading anything lately. I'm tired when I get home, and I feel bad for spending time alone reading when I could be visiting with Micah, as we're trying to make sure that we have quality time with each another even in the midst of our hectic schedules.

But after several people at work recommended The Hunger Games series, I couldn't resist any longer. I broke down and ordered the first book in the series, and it was delivered on Monday afternoon. I finished it early Tuesday morning.

Yep, they're that good.

I'm not normally into sci-fi (and I definitely wouldn't put this book in the hard-core sci-fi category), and the premise of this book isn't one that would usually draw me in, but this is a page turner, for sure. Here's a super quick rundown. The book is set way in the future, after the United States was destroyed by war, natural disasters, etc. What's left are twelve "districts" (like states) and the "Capitol" (like the government). The people are still normal people, but the government is incredibly oppressive. At some point, one of the districts started a revolution and was obliterated. As punishment and as a reminder, the Capitol requires each district to send two representatives, a boy and a girl between the ages of 12 and 18, to the "hunger games" each year, where each person is pitted against the others and attempts to be the last survivor. (It's not like gladiator-esque fighting to the death, but it is violent at times.)

The story follows one girl who ends up as a competitor in the games. There's a love element to it (which I absolutely need), but it's not over the top. Once you get past the first 60 pages or so, you seriously won't be able to put it down. So that's my pitch. Read The Hunger Games. :)

And as for the song for this week, this is a song by one of my favorite bands right now, Parachute. Enjoy!

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