Saturday, April 9, 2011


Today we have...

(1) Gone to the bank
(2) Gotten Micah's oil changed
(3) Gotten our watch batteries replaced
(4) Bought new jeans (for both of us!)
(5) Spent way too much at Bath and Body Works
(6) Eaten yummy Mexican food for lunch
(7) Visited with my Dad and Lori
(8) Gone to Lowe's to buy a plant for the master bedroom
(9) Left Lowe's with a new weedeater and edger
(10) Spread "weed and feed" at the new house (shh... don't tell anyone!)
(11) Dropped by Dad and Lori's again to return their spreader
(12) Sorted through several weeks worth of coupons

Today we have not...
(1) Cleaned our house! (My aunt and uncle are coming to stay with us on Friday, but I'll be in Tyler for trial all week--YAY!--so I've got to get everything cleaned up so Micah doesn't have to do it all himself while I'm gone.) Micah's out mowing, and I got most everything picked up already, but now we've got to do the actual cleaning. Instead I'm blogging... clearly, I'm very disciplined. :)

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