Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tales from a lawyer and an engineer...

We had a GREAT weekend! I always love celebrating Easter because, apart from the bunnies and eggs, it's a time where a large portion of our country celebrates the resurrection of Jesus.

And although yesterday I mostly vegged around and stayed lazy while Micah fished, we spent the whole day today with our families. My cute aunts orchestrated another Abbott Amazing Adventure, where all the youngest cousins (plus me and Micah) ran around Josephine looking for clues and performing challenges. We had a blast, although it wore me out... I'm so OLD! Unfortunately, Micah's team beat mine (who's suprised?), but we had fun anyway. :)

Other than that, I don't have much to share, except that I had to tell y'all about the dumb things Micah and I did this weekend. :)

First, yesterday Micah and I spent at least five minutes trying to figure out how to spell "led." Seriously.

And then, we ran into Walmart to pick up a few things (best form of birth control EVER... my ears were ringing from all the screaming by the time we left), and I wanted to buy the newest Harry Potter movie on Blu Ray. We also saw the True Grit Blu Ray on sale for $10(!), so we went ahead and bought that too because we had both been wanting to see the movie. When we got home, we plopped it in the DVD player and realized that it was the old version. The cover even had John Wayne on it, front and center, but we clearly failed to notice that fact.

Apparently a B.S. in engineering and a J.D. don't buy you much, as far as common sense goes. :)

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