Monday, May 9, 2011

Closing, Moving, Etc...

Yep, I'm behind on my blogging again. But I really do have a good excuse, I promise!

Micah and I spent every evening last week trying to pack up all of our stuff. We had thankfully left at least a few boxes unpacked, but we still managed to acquire a RIDICULOUS amount of stuff in the few months we've been home! We didn't pack as meticulously as we did when we moved from Houston because we weren't going that far (literally five minutes), but there was still a LOT of work to be done. But we managed to wrap most of it up before we closed on Friday.

Closing went so smoothly (apart from my sweet Aunt Brig getting lost MULTIPLE times trying to get to the title company - maybe we've located the source of my blonde moments!) and lasted a grand total of 45 minutes. Afterward, when they handed us the keys, it felt so surreal. I just had this moment where I thought about all the moments that meshed together to get us to this place. The move to Houston, the missing home, the job search struggle, the move back to Dallas, the house search struggle... it's just so incredibly wonderful to know that this house is where we'll be for a good, long while. :)

The move also went super smoothly. Thankfully, Micah's dad thought to bring a few of the guys that work with him to help us out, so they got it all done fairly quickly (although it did take three trips with a U-Haul and a truck/trailer to get it all moved over - did I mention that we have a lot of stuff??). For some reason, I had ZERO energy on Saturday, so I really didn't get very much of it put away that first day, and the things that did get put away can be attributed to my mom and Micah's mom. They both helped us out SO much.

Speaking of our sweet moms, we spent a great day yesterday celebrating them. I'm thankful every day for the wonderful women God has sprinkled throughout my life. How truly blessed I am!

So that's what has been going on with us - packing and moving. We're still nowhere near close to being done getting everything put away and decorated, but I will post "before" pictures soon so you can see where we're starting from, as far as decorations go. I have a feeling this journey is going to be a VERY long one which may or may not involve me hiring someone much more capable than I am to help us out. :)

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