Monday, July 25, 2011

Meal-Planning Monday...

For the first time in a long time, I made a meal plan for this week. We're just eating out entirely too much, and I miss cooking, so I stopped by the grocery store last night to pick up the fixings for a few meals this week. Nothing too fancy, and I didn't assign particular days to each meal, but I figured I'd post them anyway. :)

Chicken Salad sandwiches, hummus, and pita bread chips
Butter Chicken, rice, and Jalapeno Cream Corn
Cinnamon Toast
(the right way!) and cheesy scrambled eggs (it's so fun to do breakfast for dinner every now and then)
Summer Spaghetti and salad

Oh... and at some point, I will definitely be making this:

It's Pioneer Woman's Milky Way Cake, and it looks divine. The checkout lady at Kroger definitely gave me a look when I put eleven Milky Ways on the conveyor belt, but I think it'll be totally worth it. How yummy does this look!?

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