Monday, August 8, 2011

Apparently we're spontaneous...

Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days, but we've been busy!

I came down with a cold on Wednesday and had to stay home for the next two days. I went back in on Friday, but I still wasn't feeling very well. My day got infinitely better, though, after I decided, on a whim, to call the Pottery Barn outlet in San Marcos to see if they had the dining room table Micah and I had been looking at. Turns out they had one (at over $800 off!!), so I called Micah to see if he wanted to take an impromptu trip down to San Marcos to buy it. He said yes, and we decided to go ahead and leave that evening. We got on the road and made it down there around 8 PM.

We were too tired to go anywhere interesting for dinner (we're so old!), so we ended up driving through Round Rock Donuts to try their famous donuts. I wish I had taken a picture because they were bright orange! And although I couldn't totally taste them because of my cold, what I could taste was really yummy. Plus, they were still hot - so hot, in fact, that the box was burning my legs. There ain't nothin' better than a hot donut, y'all.

We also made a quick run into Ikea before we went to our hotel. There's one about 45 or so minutes from us, but we're never in that area, so we figured we'd go ahead and drop in so that we could get a replacement drawer frame to replace the one someone (ahem, Micah) broke during the move. I also grabbed these cute candlesticks (and you know they were cheap - gotta love Ikea), that I'm planning on painting and distressing and putting somewhere in the master bedroom or bathroom.

In Saturday morning, we slept in (halellujah!) and, after soliciting suggestions on Facebook, decided to go to The Salt Lick for lunch.

For those of you that have never been, The Salt Lick is probably the most popular BBQ restaurants in Austin. Actually, it's outside Austin, and the drive to the restaurant was gorgeous. It was hilly and country, and we so enjoyed the drive over there. And, thankfully, we got there early, because apparently this place gets CRAZY at lunch time on Saturdays. I remembered to snap a few pictures to share.

We both ordered a plate with ribs, brisket, and sausage. It was all scrumptious (particularly the sausage), and the sauce was to die for.

After lunch, we headed to the outlets. I was, in no way, prepared for the craziness of the San Marcos outlet stores. There were just so many stores. And there were so many good stores, although we didn't get a chance to check any of them out apart from the Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn outlets. The RH store was fantastic, but, for the most part, the style is just a teensy bit too masculine and monotone for me. But there's no denying that their stuff is gorgeous (and pricy, of course). We did see a bunch of really cool vintage trunks that I'd LOVE to use as a coffee table (I've already been on the hunt for a cheaper one on Craigslist) and some fun burlap pillows.

When we walked into Pottery Barn, I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven. It was humongous and filled with all the lovely things I'd been lusting over in the catalogs and stores, but for 30-50% off! I can't believe that I forgot to take pictures while we were in there, but we did come home with several things, and I promise I'll share pictures soon. (I just didn't have time to take any with my good camera, and the iPhone pictures just don't do them justice.)

Yesterday, we went to church, grabbed lunch with my Mom and Steve, visited with friends, grabbed dinner with my Dad and Lori, and put together one of the pieces of furniture that we bought. I'm in love. :)

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The Copeland Family said...

Oh how fun, and I love the candle holders! Love spontaneity!

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