Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm 26 and old...

Apparently 26 is the age at which one officially becomes old (and lame).  

During practice before my kickball game last night I must have stretched my quad muscle just a little too much because it quickly became almost unbearable, and I'm fairly certain that I pulled it.  I can't remember if I've even told you guys about the kickball league yet, but I'm playing on a team with some people from work, and it has been super fun (even if we haven't exactly been winning every game).  Anyway, I'm definitely still hurting today, but it's definitely better, so hopefully I'll be good to go for next week. :)

And this week has been fairly crappy for Micah, too, because he dislocated his shoulder on Sunday.  (Side note - his brother had to pop it back in place for him.  Just thinking about having to do that makes me sick.  Clearly I couldn't have cut it in medical school.)  It's the same shoulder he injured and had to have surgery on in high school, so we're really hoping he didn't tear everything again.  He's got a lot more movement today than he had on Sunday, though, so I'm optimistic that it's getting better. :)

Anyway... we're both on the mend and looking forward to feeling normal again.
I also forgot to tell y'all about my celebrity encounter this week!

I looooove Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, and Kellie Rasberry is my absolute favorite.  She has mentioned several times how much she loves Al Biernat's, so I thought we'd give it a try for my birthday dinner.  I wasn't sure what was good there, so I commented on her facebook to ask her what we should order.

Imagine my surprise when she actually commented back!

Micah laughed at me when I got the facebook notification because I squealed like a little girl.

Anyway, that was my brush with fame this week. And we really enjoyed our dinner at Al Biernat's (although I have to admit that I think Nick & Sam's is better).  Hope you guys have had a great week! :)

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Sarah McMullin said...

Once, I MySpaced Kevin from The Office to ask when the season 2 dvd was coming out. HE WROTE BACK and I pretty much died. Then took a screen shot. Then printed it out. "Sometime in the fall." Greatest words of all time.

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