Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just some things...

1. This weather, y'all.  Holy cow.  This is the kind of weather that makes you want to play hooky and sit on your back porch all day.  Being an upstanding professional, I managed to resist the urge (but just barely).

2.  As lovely as the weather is, for some reason, it's ushering all kinds of things that hate my sinuses, and I'm sneezing/snorting so much that I'm having to keep my office door closed at work so I don't disturb everyone around me. 

3. Our kickball season went out with a bang last night.  Without going into too much detail, I'll just tell you that our last game involved a "sudden death" playoff and one of our team members taking off his jersey and throwing one of the bases across the field.  Our entire team was ejected.  But, to his credit, the ump had already lost us the game with at least three bad calls, and we had all had it up to HERE. 

(Oh, Google Images, how I love thee.)

4. Something has been digging in our yard for the past few weeks, and Micah has been trying to figure out what was doing it.  When we got home last night, he finally got lucky (ha - that's what she said), and caught one of these guys in the act.

(I tried to get a picture of him running away, but it was too darned dark, so this one will have to do.)

5. I bought some stuff for the house this week!  I hit up World Market and found this desk chair:

It's not nearly as orange as it looks in this picture.  It looks similar to one we were eyeing at Pottery Barn, but it's like $350 cheaper. :) Plus the color goes super well with the desk.

We also got these lamp bases and shades for the master bedroom.

These were another copycat find.  This lamp from Pottery Barn is very similar, and it's almost twice as much!

Last, but definitely not least, we splurged on this spotlight lamp from Pottery Barn for the study. 

Once we get the built-ins and the leather chair in there, it's going to look GREAT!

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