Friday, September 2, 2011

Living room furniture update...

We've been tossing and turning about the "hard" furniture for the living room for awhile now.  The problem is that we have a lot of different colors and elements going on in that space. 

We've got the brown, chestnut-y colored floors, the tan walls, and the white trim:

We've got the brown leather couch, loveseat, chair, and ottoman:
(Please pardon those heinous pillows... I don't have a picture of the furniture in the room, so I have to use the stock picture from Ashley's website).

And we've got the creamy white cabinets in the kitchen, which is totally open to the living room:

So we didn't want to try and get dark brown wood furniture because I thought so much brown was just a little too much in that room.  And when you cut out dark brown, your furniture options are severely limited. 

But then I found this beauty.  One guess as to where it's from. :)

This is Pottery Barn's Andover Media Console in Weathered White.  I've been eyeing this piece for awhile because the creamy white echoes the cabinets in the living room, but it also has the chestnut-y brown top, which compliments the floors and leather furniture.  Plus it's "weathered," which is the reason people love Pottery Barn - their stuff looks like the kind of stuff that would be passed down from generation to generation. 

Anyway, we saw this piece at the San Marcos outlet a few weeks back, marked down 35%, and we would have bought it, but we just didn't have ANY more room in the truck.  And I'm so glad we didn't, because it's now marked down 50% - which pretty much never happens at Pottery Barn!  So I ordered one today, and we can now cross "media stand" off our list for the living room - praise the Lord!

The next items we've got to conquer are the coffee and side tables.  I've got some ideas, and I'll share them soon!

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