Friday, September 2, 2011

My favorite blogs...

I'm linking up to Kelly's Korner again today to share some of my favorite blogs. 

I recently posted about my favorite design blogs, so I won't repeat those here.

But as for the other blogs that serve to inspire, encourage, distract me (in a good way!), and fill my Google Reader with wonderful stories, recipes, and ideas, they're listed below.  In true lawyer fashion, I had to organize them. :)  They're separated into groups according to whether or not I know the blogger, and a brief description of why I love each one follows the title (as if you couldn't glean this by looking... I'm so silly). 

Bloggers I Know and Love 
Lauren Ammerman Photography - She's an amazing photographer, and she's also my BFF.
The Link Home - Katy shares yummy recipes, fun pictures, and her adventures as a new mommy.  
Hands on a Miracle - This girl is wonderful and beautiful, and she shares so honestly.
The McMullin Family - I heart Sarah, and her kids are the cutest. 
Josh and Hope - Hope's getting married (yay!) and is chronicling the wedding journey.
From House to Home - Although technically a design blog I already shared, this blogger is also a friend, so I'm listing her here, too. :)
Abounding Luxe - Perfect for drooling over beautiful clothes and design and yummy, healthy food.
Beaumont Legal - Musings from a city girl living life as a new lawyer in a small town.
Keeping up with the Kellehers - Laura always shares great recipes and new mommy stories. 

Bloggers I Admire from Afar (in a totally non-creepy way)
Kelly's Korner - You already know why I love Kelly, or else you wouldn't be here. :)
The Pioneer Woman - Who doesn't love PW?  I totally wish we were friends in real life.
Love from Texas - Jessica has a fantastically well-rounded blog, and I always enjoy her posts.
MckMama - She's honest and real, and she has the cutest kids ever.
3 Kids, a Minivan, and a Mortgage - Kate's daughter is battling cancer, and I am utterly inspired by her strength.
Angie Smith - Angie's story is heartbreaking, yet she has remained a shining light for the Lord through it all.
Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour - Y-U-M-M-Y recipes with step-by-step instructions.
Kellie Rasberry's Blog - She's sassy and outspoken, and all of Dallas loves her just as much as I do.
Sit a Spell - Heather and Aaron and their kids are missionaries in Haiti, and Heather's stories are beautiful and inspiring (and really, really funny and honest, particularly given that she's a pastor's wife).
The Journey - Katie is a missionary in Africa, and I cry every time I read her beautiful words. 

That's it, I think!  Hopefully I didn't miss anyone, but feel free to link up your blog in the comments so I can come check it out!


The Links said...

Ahhhh I'm flattered you listed me!! And I love that you read Sit a Spell. She was my college bible study leader. Have you ever gone back and read old posts from a few years ago. She is absolutely hilarious!! I mean she still is, but here posts tend to be a bit more serious now that they are in Haiti!

hollie marie said...

This is such a great list!!! I secretly stalk most of these folks too :)

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