Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Some confessions

1. I cheated with a couple of bites of "healthy" pasta last night.

2. I'm still craving pasta.

3. I once bowled a 42.

4. I went down 16 stories worth of stairs and up 12 stories (I wussed out and couldn't make it all the way back up) with my friend Ashley at work yesterday, and my legs feel like jello today. Very sore jello.

5. I need a pedicure in a bad way.

6. I can't wait for November because (1) the next-to-last Twilight movie comes out and (2) the last book in the Inheritance Cycle comes out. I've been waiting YEARS for this!

7. I bought these shoes today.

... and these

 (in brown)

(Don't tell Micah!)
8. I didn't wash my hair this morning. I just used this stuff.

9. I wrote an article that was published in a legal publication this week. You can read it here (but I'll go ahead and warn you that you'll probably fall asleep from boredom).

10. I'm apparently incredibly self-absorbed. Every sentence in this post starts with "I."

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