Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend wrap-up...

We had such a great weekend around here. On Friday night, Micah met me in "town" so we could have dinner and pick up our dining room chairs. We ended up at Taverna, which you should definitely try if you live in the Dallas area. It's Italian, and it's delicious. Particularly the risotto (which, sadly, I had to resist). After dinner, we walked back to Pottery Barn and loaded up our chairs (which were in boxes, thank goodness). I didn't take a picture with my good camera, so iPhone quality will have to suffice for now.

(p.s. I felt so fancy with my little table setting.  I found the white pumpkins at Kroger and filled the glass vase with Honeycrisps.  It was full, but people wanted something sweet after the game, and the apples were all I had!)

I'm seriously in love. In love. They're pretty and comfy, and they fit well with the other things we have in the house. Plus they will be low-maintenance when we've got little munchkins spilling spaghetti all over them. :)

On Saturday, we watched the game with family and friends. I hated that the Rangers lost, but we had a great time eating and visiting. And I made some really delicious dip, so I thought I'd share the recipe. I made a full-fat version (and just limited myself to 3-4 bites with celery), but it could easily be adapted and eaten with fresh veggies to keep it light.

Loaded Ranch Dip
1 packet Hidden Valley Ranch Dip mix (not the dressing mix)
16 oz. sour cream (substitute light sour cream to cut calories)
3/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese (substitute reduced-fat cheese or skim mozzarella to cut calories)
1/4 to 1/3 cup bacon bits (please, for the love of God, don't use fake bacon bits. If you can't handle the bacon, just omit it.)
Optional: 1/2 cup sliced green onions

Mix the dip mix with the sour cream until incorporated. Stir in cheese, bacon, and green onions. Garnish with extra green onions on top to make it pretty. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours (or more if you want to make ahead of time). Serve chilled with your favorite chips or chopped carrots/celery.

This is GOOD, y'all. I made mine without green onions to keep it kid-friendly, but I think it would be even better with the onions.

Yesterday, we went to my niece's dedication at my brother and sister-in-law's church. Like a dummy, I forgot to take pictures, but she was so precious, and the service was wonderful. We had lunch with Faith's family afterward, and I was reminded of how much I absolutely love them. It's still surreal that the sweet people who used let me ride their go-kart and jump on their trampoline and always had plenty of kool-aid and cheese chex mix on hand are now family. Miss Stella is so blessed to have so many people absolutely in love with her. :)

We went to my Dad's last night to have dinner with them to celebrate my stepmom's birthday and watch the game. Thank goodness the Rangers pulled it out. How about Derek Holland and that shutout!!??

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Tonight we're planning on taking it easy and watching the game. Fingers crossed that the Rangers can head back to St. Louis one game ahead!!

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Laura said...

The chairs are beautiful!

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