Thursday, December 15, 2011

Matters of the heart... and furniture.

I swear I will have a non-house-related post soon.


I'm fairly certain I'm going to buy this sideboard/buffet. 

I first saw this thing here several months ago.  I lusted after it but convinced myself that I had nowhere to put it.  So I was sad when I saw that it had been sold, but figured it was for the best anyway.

Then, Secondhand Charm posted on facebook that the owner was moving and needed to sell the dresser. Meant to be, right??  So I scoured my house and realized that it might go perfectly in the little "hallway" in my dining room below some gallery frames we bought and hung this week (thanks, babe!).

My ONLY hesitation is that the stain on top is daaark.  Like almost black.  As are the pulls. But my wonderfully handy stepdad assured me that the top could be easily sanded and restained, and the pulls could be replaced (Although they're lovely.  I'd probably try to paint them first.). 

Sure, I could go with this piece:

Or even this piece:

They all match the table perfectly. 

But my heart says...

1 comment:

Snooty Primadona said...

ALWAYS go with your heart. That is a killer piece. In fact, I'm totally coveting it. The others are rather ho-hum but this one is a wowser!

Have a Merry Christmas!

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