Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tablescape... er, kind of

I promised pictures of our dining room table this week, and this is me delivering.  But... I was only able to get pictures with my iPhone. At night.  Photoshop can only do so much (and these are definitely over-edited).  But I'll be home late tonight (kickball game) and am going out of town tomorrow (New Orleans. AGAIN!), so I figured this was better than nothing. 

(Clearly I'm no good at details.  Just look at that napkin on the bottom left plate.)

Here's the breakdown of the stuff.

Cloches, Small and Large - World Market.  (I can't find them online, but they were about ~$20/apiece for the small ones and $25 for the large one.)

Plates - Macy's. (These are just our everyday plates, but they just so happened to be green/goldish, so I figured I'd set them out!)

Glass Vases - Hobby Lobby.

Candles - Hobby Lobby.

Pine Cones - Garden Ridge.

Gold Pine Cones and Twigs - Hobby Lobby.

Gold Chargers - Hobby Lobby.

I got the table runner (yay!) and put it on, but I gotta tell y'all... I'll probably take it off.  I just like the simplicity of the original. (Shocking, I'm sure.) But I figure that I'll take some pictures on Saturday (before a  little get together I'm having at the house for some girlfriends) in the light, and I'll try and post those on Sunday, so you can compare.

(I don't know why I keep using parentheticals. It's like a sickness, really.  I can't stop.)

Anyway... so that's our Christmas table.  Pretty simple, but I do like it a lot. :)


His Doorkeeper said...

Looks Fabulous!! Love the gold leaves as accents !
So very elegant! Great job!

Ryan said...

Thank you so much!

Savvy Seasons said...

Gorgeous!! Happy Holidays! ~Liz

Ryan said...

Thanks, Liz, for dropping by!

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

I love your centerpieces! Everything looks so natural!

Ryan said...

Hi Laura! Thanks so much! I had a different one at first and it just didn't feel "natural" enough for me so I switched it up to get that feel. Glad that came through with this setup!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

Your table setting is very pretty!

The Copeland Family said...


And, the word verification that I have to type in underneath this box is cater...LOL!

Summer said...

what a beautiful tablescape!! Very Elegant...Love it

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