Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sticking to it...

It hit me like a slap in the face today that 2011 is almost over.  What the...?  How did another year speed by so quickly?  And when did I become an old lady who talks about time speeding by? 

Anyway, I decided to look back at the resolutions I made at the beginning of the year to see how I did.  Overall, pretty abysmal.  There will definitely be several I have to add to to the list again for 2012.  If at first you don't succeed... :)

Get more involved at FBC Sunnyvale.
We actually have joined a Sunday School class.  We'll just gloss over the fact that we didn't start going until about a month ago.

Memorize a different Bible verse each week.
I REALLY wanted to do this, and we did great for about three weeks.  Ha.  But I did make an adorable memory verse board a week or so ago, and we're already doing better on this.  I mean, I've got Song of Solomon 3:4 down pat. :) 

Read my Seasonal Bible and stay caught up each week.
Definitely sucked at this, too.  Of all my failings as a Christian, the amount of time I spend digging into the Word is probably my biggest.  Again, I'm just going to try again next year. 

Pray with Micah as many nights as possible.

Pray intently for a different person each month.
Well, Lauren and Mom should have had a great January and February, respectively.  But the rest of you suckers.... not so much.  Daddy, I'm starting with you on January 1.

Work out at least twice a week.
I'm going to say that, in lieu of working out, I started dieting.  It's totally the same, right? ;)  No, actually I did do pretty good for the month of November. I was averaging 16 flights of stairs 1-2 times per week.  And then I accidentally took my flats home and haven't brought them back up to work with me.  The official party line is that I keep forgetting them.  I almost believe it.

Meet more people at work.
Now this one, I've actually done.  I'd say the number of people who don't know my name has decreased substantially.  If only I could get that one partner to stop calling me Reagan... (seriously).

Take off my makeup each night.
I've actually done well with this one, too.  Which is probably why my skin looks so much better than it did last year. 

Get rid of bad habits.
Well, I'm still biting my lip, and my nails are a mess.  And I still pop my knuckles like there's no tomorrow.  I'm starting to think I should have just called this one "Stop acting like a man." 

Get my diplomas framed.
I'm 2/3 of the way done with this one.  Here's the proof!

I got my diplomas framed but waited on getting my law license because I couldn't fathom spending $300 on a plain black frame (although I won't lie, the mat is actually a super pretty shiny cloth. I love it.). Then I forgot about until the license until this very moment.  Maybe I should add "Stop forgetting stuff" to next year's list.

So there's my (very poor) report card for this year.  How did you guys do?

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