Monday, January 16, 2012

Catching up and a new chair...

Happy MLK Day, y'all! I hope you all had the day off from work.  I actually did but worked all day anyway.  Plus, I'm battling a pretty terrible sinus infection which is no fun at all.  But other than the screaming headache, sore throat, and constant pressure in my face, we had a great weekend! 

I got home from New Orleans (for hopefully the last time for awhile) on Friday.  We got real fancy and had Subway for dinner.  Then on Saturday, we took it easy at the house for most of the day and had dinner to celebrate Micah's best friend's girlfriend's birthday, which was super fun. 

On Sunday, we went to Sunday school and church and then headed to Micah's parents' house for lunch.  Micah's dad makes the most delicious stir fry (which also happens to be relatively healthy - yay!).  When we left, we had just enough time to grab some groceries and get them unpacked before we had to leave to meet my mom and Steve for dinner at Ali Baba, which we didn't realize was closed on Sundays. Ha! So we ended up grabbing Mexican food at Matt's Rancho Martinez (yum!).  Last night we watched Moneyball (which someone had surreptitiously snuck into the cart at Tom Thumb), which was so, so good.  If you haven't seen it, you definitely should. 

So there's a (painfully boring) rundown of our weekend.  Don't you wish you were super cool and exciting like us? ;)

Other than that, I just wanted to share pictures of the chair we scored for the master bedroom last weekend.

It's fun, breezy, and beachy without being too beachy.

Plus, we got it for a great deal, which makes me love it even more.

And there you have it.  You're all caught up. :)


KatieO! said...

Love the cushion!

Audrey & Randon said...

I really like your new chair!!!

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