Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Don't know how you do the Wuslu that you do...

... makes me wanna shoop, shoop, shoop.

(I'm not sure that's quite how Salt N Pepa sang it, but I think you get my point.)

(Oh, you don't get my point?  That's okay, neither do I.  We'll just start over.)

Well, hey y'all!  Fancy meeting you here. (Sorry, I don't know what's gotten into me today.  Maybe it's all this rain.)


I read this blog.  And she mentioned Wuslu.  And ever since I signed up for their daily emails, my love for their deals of the day and lovely things has grown deeper and deeper.

It's a sort of deal-of-the-day site, but the products are the kind of unique, charming things you'd find at a really cool flea market or antique store. Except that you don't have to go to a flea market or an antique store.  And the prices are pretty darned reasonable (although not quite as low as you'd find if you actually went to a flea market or antique store).

For example, today's deal is a French Tier Wire Basket.

They've got it priced at $44.50 plus $5 shipping, so you're looking at $50 for a cool, unique piece that you probably couldn't easily find anywhere else. 

Here are some of my favorite deals they've done in the past.

So if you're lazy like me and would rather someone else do the hard work for you, check out Wuslu.  And let the underachievers unite!  (I have no idea what's up with me today... I really am sorry.)

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