Thursday, January 26, 2012

No, I don't want any cheese...

... but I am going to whine for just a second so that I can tell you that I feel like an old woman today.

My legs and butt are so sore that sitting down in a chair has become a cruel form of torture.  And I can definitely blame some of that on the running, I guess.  I did Week One, Run 2 of Couch-to-5K last night, and my shins feel like they're bruised.  And I know it's because I'm running all wrong, it's just hard to remember to lean forward while also trying not to collapse from exhaustion. 

(I might invest in a pair of Vibrams {check out MckMama's post about how you can score a pair for $39!}, which apparently force you to run on your toes. But I'm pretty sure I'm way too vain to sport those suckers in public.) 

But I feel certain that most of my soreness stems from the fact that I did this "sexy leg workout" on my "off" day on Tuesday night:

Let me just tell you... for a girl who hasn't done so much as stretch her legs in at least two years, I am FEELING all the freaking squats and lunges.  The whole "you're most sore two days after you work out" thing is definitely true because I almost cried when I had to sit down on the toilet to pee this morning.  (Probably TMI, but I'm keeping it real here, y'all.  And also, I'm pretty sure I never wished that I was a guy and could pee standing up more than I did in that moment.)

I posted this status on Facebook last night: 

"Running still sucks. And also, how is it possible that I can't remember what the capitol of Spain is, but I still remember the lyrics to Salt N Pepa's Shoop? (I spend all my dough... re mi, cutie... Shoop Shoop be doobie, like Scooby Doobie...)"  (I amaze even myself with my insightfulness and depth.)

One of my Facebook friends (hey, Allie!) asked me how I am motivating myself to run.  My answer was basically that, in addition to the fact that Micah's coming with me and walking Lilly (which she totally loves), I'm really just so curious about how people can come to love running so much that I'm making myself try it. That and the fact that I intentionally blasted it on my blog and my facebook to incentivize me to keep doing it so everyone won't realize what a quitter I really am at heart.

(And can I also just say that it drives me absolutely insane that Micah and Lilly totally kept up with me last night, and he wasn't even close to being winded when we finished, while I was doubled over and practically doing lamaze exercises to catch my breath.  Men.)

So bottom line -- I'm a big, fat whiner about the running and getting in shape, but I'm going to do it.  So you should probably prepare yourself for a teensy bit more complaining from me in the near future.  I'll go ahead and apologize now.


Melissa G said...

I'm going to recommend against Vibrams (at least initially). People I know who have made the switch love it but admit it's really painful for weeks. I, personally, love the cushion of a "real" running shoe, and will continue to run in them until Ryan Hall and Shalane Flanagan switch to minimalist shoes. Definitely, though, if you're really interested in running, go to a running store like Fleet Feet or Luke's Locker and be fitted, have them watch you run in the shoes, and get a good recommendation for your particular stride. It's absolutely worth the time and money!

I didn't "love" running until after my first race. The months leading up to that I only ran because I had told everyone I would, and I knew if I didn't I'd have to admit I'd given up.

And honestly, I hate to be "that girl," but I look forward to runs now (2 years after I started C25K). I enjoy the sweat and the pain and the feeling of accomplishment when I finish 3 seconds faster than the week before! And you will, too! Endorphins make people happy! :)

One other suggestion, if breathing/heart rate is a big struggle, slow down. Even if that means you're running slower than people walking by. (My first 5k, 3 people power walking passed me on the way to the finish line). The biggest mistakes people make when they start running is "Too fast, too often, too long." I promise it will get easier.

Melissa G said...
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Ryan said...

Thanks, Melissa! Once I kind of get my stride figured out, I plan on heading to Luke's Locker to get some "real" shoes. The Vibrams really do just freak me out... :)

Yeah, I'm counting on the endorphin thing ringing true, too... if Elle Woods said it, it must be legit! :)

I am struggling with figuring out how much to push myself. I don't want to overdo it, but I also know that it's not supposed to feel good at first. So I'm doing about 50-55 seconds of running instead of 60, and if I can't make it all 20 minutes, I stop early (although last night I almost made it all the way!) I hope one day I look back at this comment and smile at how easy this workout becomes. :)

The Autry's said...

Thanks for the shout Out! I'm like your biggest fan ((aka cyber stalker)). Lol. I may just have to start running myself... I'm thinking I may need some new gear...

BMT Legal said...

Good grief! I can't believe you are still alive after that leg workout! A couple of weeks ago I did 30 reverse lunges, 30 plies (spelling?), and 30 dog left lifts and I wanted to DIE the next two days. The good news is that while it's still a struggle when I do those, I'm not sore anymore! So keep it up!

A Lil Story said...

I started running a couple years ago- and I still don't really love running, but I love the feeling afterward where I know I did something good for myself, the payoff is worth it- keep it up! oh, but the pain after a serious workout- ouch! And I totally feel ya on the shoop thing- I have no retention for important facts, but I remember ridiculous song lyrics forever! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Notes Editor of Board 47 Houston Law Review,

If you meant the capital of Spain, the answer is the beautiful and vibrant Madrid. Or were you really thinking of the place where the government meets? :)

Again, please do not take this badly. I happen to love the way you write--so very honest, so full of happiness.

About your running, keep up the good work. There are people rooting for you, definitely. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your struggles.

Crystal said...

I completed week 1- day 2 of c25k yesterday also, I'm in the same boat with you...I think I would really enjoy running (well maybe that's wishful thinking) after I get into it. 60 seconds is a bit much for me too, so I'm going with about 45 seconds and trying to keep my pace up when I'm's definitely not easy, but it's nice to know I'm not in it alone.

Anonymous said...

PS: In case my previous post was not clear... Capitol, or capital--that is the question :)

Ryan said...

Lol, Allie. The gear is VERY important. I need workout pants and tops in a bad, bad way. I'll let you know what I go with.

Dude, BMT (I'm sticking with the blog title in the abundance of caution :))... I have no idea what I was thinking. Bad, BAD lapse in judgment to do so much so soon. I'm doing legs again tomorrow, and I'll probably cut it all in half (at least).

Hey, Lily! Thanks for stopping by - I love your blog! And thanks for the kind words. I'm trying so hard to remember that it won't suck this much forever.

Anonymous, you got me again. I actually did mean "capital."

CRYSTAL! I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how it was going! For some reason, my attempt to add your blog to my google reader didn't work, so I've missed your last couple of posts. It's so nice to know I'm not in this alone... I guess misery really does love company. :)

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